金沙网络平台网站-Kunshan FanlrTek Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd is a Taiwan-invested enterprise. It locates in No.65, Kangjia Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. With two decades of technical experience, the most professional team, and the most cordial service spirit, and according to the customer's working requests ,We could design and manufacture fans with the best performance, highest reliability and energy efficiency. Our products are widely applied inheavy industrial machinery equipment, middle and high temperature air circulation, metal heat treatment equipment.......[More]

        Technical Consultation on Fan Usage and Maintenance



        Customized design and manufacturing of all kinds of non-standard industrial fans


        Design of low noise fan as customer requested and making field soundproof room


        We offer the services such as field inspection for abnormal vibrations, dynamic balance adjusting and precision centering during using fans and solve other miscellaneous problems.

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